A2 | BOSU Balance (1 leg)

A2 | BOSU Balance (1 leg)


This exercise recruits not only the muscles of the lower limb, help load your ankle and knee and to help you balance but also your core muscles including trans abs and multifidus. In order to maintain stability, each muscle pair in your foot ankle and leg must work together so you do not move one way or another. Along with teaching muscle control, this exercise improves your balance and proprioception.


Place one foot in the middle of the BOSU. You may want to start by holding onto something or hand against a wall. Stand up on the BOSU and place one foot on the back to get your balance, and then slowly let go of your support and raise your foot. The aim is to keep your balance and to try and stop the BOSU from wobbling excessively.

Special Notes
If you are new to using a BOSU it is normal to wobble or shake when trying to do these exercises at the start. As you get used to the exercises and your body learns to control the movement this will stop.