If you have suffered an injury as result of training, sport or working out in the gym such as a ligament injuries, joint sprains, muscle tears, or tendinopathies - we have got your covered from head to toe. Our Physiotherapists will help you rehabilitate the injury with specific exercises, guiding back to your physical activity or competition based on tissue healing timeframes and return to sport goals.

How is Sports Physio different?

Sports Physio deals with acute or chronic injuries more specific to training, sports and fitness pursuits where the mechanism of injury or cause is due to events that happened during the actvity or through biomechanical factors.

A comprehenseive assessment and is undertaken to dive deeper into the posture, alignment and strength differences or imbalances. With acute injuries you will also receive manual therapy treatment and soft tissue work coupled with kinesio or sports taping as required to initially stabilse the injury. The exercise program will help you rehabilitate the injury both at home or the gym and is planned out with graded return to sport progressions and testing.

What's involved in a Sports Physio rehab session?

Strengthening of the injured area with be an important part of the program, where our Physio's will help you 1:1 in the clinic with each exercise.

Your home program of exercises is designed to progress you not only to return to play, but to return to performance better than before with as little a chance as possible for re-injury.

Programming for chronic sports injuries will include exercises to help improve previous strength and muscle imbalances.