Sports physiotherapy is the management of acute and overuse sporting injuries and impairments (including post-op), with the primary goal of returning the individual back to their sport or physical activity as soon as possible with no chance of re-injury or pain recurrence.


A comprehensive assessment and testing  A comprehensive assessment and testing
Accurate diagnosis and prognosis/timeline  Accurate diagnosis and prognosis/timeline
Identifying contributing factors  Identifying contributing factors
Individualised rehabilitation program  Individualised rehabilitation program
Manual treatments and taping  Manual treatments and taping
Return to sport progressions  Return to sport progressions
Final return to play testing protocols and clearance  Final return to play testing protocols and clearance
Ongoing maintenance and injury prevention program  Ongoing maintenance and injury prevention program

Sports Physiotherapist at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction

Sports Physio at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction

Sports Physiotherapy at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction


The key is to get the most accurate diagnosis possible, including how and why the injury occurred, and what other internal factors contributed. A plan is then developed to progress you not only to return to play, but to return to performance – better than before with as little a chance as possible for re-injury. A detailed rehab program is the most effective way to get this done. You will rehabilitate the injured area with mobility, stability and strengthening exercises. You will also address deficiencies and imbalances that may have contributed to the injury/impairment with targeted corrective and rehab exercises. You will be guided back to sport specific exercise and your sport with careful progressions, based on tissue healing timeframes and achievement of certain progression criteria e.g. strength/capacity testing results. You will eventually be fully cleared to return to your sport or physical activity, and have a maintenance program for ongoing injury prevention.

Manual treatment will play a significant role in your recovery, as an adjunct to, and to perfectly complement, your rehab program. Treatments will include soft tissue therapy (massage and trigger point therapy), as well as joint mobilisations, nerve sliding techniques, dry needling, joint manipulations, taping, PNF patterns and stretching. Our appointments are 45-60 minutes to allow time for adequate manual treatment of the area as well as rehabilitation in the gym. 


Athletic screening is an assessment protocol used on athletes to determine strengths, weaknesses, imbalances and flag potential injury risks so interventions can be put in place to prevent this. These screenings are sports specific and individual specific, and are usually done in the pre-season or pre-participation in sport, but can be done at any time.

Athletic testing is a similar process that involves a series of relevant performance tests (relevant to the sport) to determine numbers/results to use as a baseline so we can track change and improvement going forward. We can also use these baseline numbers as a figure to return to post injury.

We can also use these baseline numbers to determine side-side imbalances that need correcting, as well as to determine weaknesses and deficiencies that specifically need to be worked on that will improve performance in your sport.


Our physio’s utilise a variety of regular sports tapes (rigid, elastic) as well as kinesio tape to get you training and playing safer and sooner. Taping is further utilised to:


Facilitate recovery Facilitate recovery
Unload an injured body part Unload an injured body part
Protect and stabilise a joint Protect and stabilise a joint
Limit unwanted movement Limit unwanted movement
Improve joint mechanics and biomechanics Improve joint mechanics and biomechanics
Facilitate muscle activation Facilitate muscle activation
Enable pain free training and sport participation Enable pain free training and sport participation
Prevent re-injury on return to play Prevent re-injury on return to play