Fractures are now casted easily and professionally with our Senior Physiotherapist, Claire Brown using the latest HM (hybrid mesh) casting technology. Casts are applied and set within 15 minutes and they are water permeable - meaning you can get them wet and wear it in the shower! No need to cover it in plastic or worry about it getting smelly.

If you have had an X-ray and confirmed fracture, there is no need to queue up at Accident + Emergency - simply book an appointment and come to get it casted at our clinic. We have cast sizes for both arm and leg ranging from kids right through to adult.

 Wrist and Forearm Fractures
 Undisplaced Fractures
 Lower Leg Minor Fractures
 Scaphoid Fractures


We supply and fit air walker boots on the spot in the clinic, for all ages. Walker boots are for when you need to stabilise the ankle or foot for a period of time. Usually people are in boots for 4-6 weeks, depending on their injury. We have "moon" boots for kids right through to adults covering major ankle sprains, minor fractures of the foot and ankle as well as stress fractures.

If you have had an X-ray or your GP or Physio has prescribed a walker boot, just give the clinic a call to book a boot fitting - there is no need to go to hospital emergency. We also have crutches available should you need them.

 Stress Fractures
 Ankle Sprains
 Post-operative Ankle Surgery
 Minor Ankle Fractures
 Undisplaced Lower Leg Fractures

Long Walker Boot

Short Walker Boot

Paediatric Walker Boot

Full Crutches

Elbow Crutches


Knee Supports

At the clinic we have a selection of supports and braces to suit your injury, as well as fast delivery on any item that needs to be ordered for specific injuries or needs.

We only source the best quality as well as the most affordable products - that actually work

Ankle Braces

SIJ Support Belts

Wrist Braces

Tennis Elbow Supports

Patella Tendon Braces

Finger Splints