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Physio Fitness Bondi Junction
Physio Fitness Bondi Junction


Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation Clinic

At Physio Fitness, our aim is to relieve you of pain quickly and effectively, restoring confidence and promoting a speedy recovery from injuries and surgery. Our Physiotherapists and Allied Health Practitioners are highly experienced and use the most effective clinical and evidence based treatments as well as the latest exercise rehabilitation program technology for home exercise prescription.

"If you are looking for a clinic with a friendly and knowledgeable, results driven team to help you with all your Physiotherapy and Rehab needs... you've come to the right place"

Physio Fitness Bondi Junction

Sports Injury Clinic in Bondi Junction

Physiotherapy Clinic in Bondi Junction


Tim Keeley - Principal Physiotherapist

Tim Keeley
Principal Physiotherapist

Elise Mulvihill - Senior Physiotherapist

Elise Mulvihill
Senior Physiotherapist

Pamela Wolfe - Physiotherapist

Pamela Wolfe

George Agrotis - Remedial Massage Therapist

George Agrotis
Remedial Massage Therapist

Elle Smith - Office Manager

Elle Smith
Office Manager

Emma Martin - Senior Physiotherapist

Emma Martin
Senior Physiotherapist


The key is to get the most accurate diagnosis possible, including how and why the injury or issue occurred, and what other internal factors contributed.

A plan is then developed to progress you not only to fix the current issue, but to prevent it ever occurring again in the future. Manual treatment will play a significant role in your recovery, as an adjunct to, and to perfectly complement, your rehab program.

Sports physiotherapy is the management of acute and overuse sporting injuries and impairments (including post-op), with the primary goal of returning the individual back to their sport or physical activity as soon as possible. You will rehabilitate the injured area with mobility, stability and strengthening exercises.

You will be guided back to sport specific exercise and your sport with careful progressions, based on tissue healing timeframes and achievement of certain progression criteria, with a maintenance program for ongoing injury prevention.
Whether you are post-op from and ACL reconstruction or knee surgery, shoulder dislocations or rotator cuff repair, spinal injuries, have injured yourself in sport/exercise or are still having chronic issues from an injury years ago, our Physiotherapists will help get you back on track with exercise-based rehabilitation.

You will rehabilitate the injured area with a combination of mobility, stability, strengthening, and corrective exercises, addressing deficiencies and imbalances that may have contributed to the injury or impairment.

Dry needling utilises acupuncture needles to penetrate a muscle into a trigger point (basically a knotted section in a muscle belly), with the goal of eliminating the trigger point to restore normal muscle length and tension.

Dry needling can also be used to unload and de-tension a generally tight muscle group, such as tight calves or hamstring, through deregulation of the neural system to cause muscle relaxation.
Telehealth online video physiotherapy consultations now allow people from all over the world, video access to speak and consult with one of our Physiotherapists in the privacy of their own home. It's ideal for people in remote areas, home isolation, people who are travelling, or ones simply are physically unable to make it into their normal Physio.

They are a highly effective alternative to face-2-face in-room consultations as we are able to assess, diagnose and help you with exercises and rehab programs through video.

This unique online personalised rehab home program is available exclusively to Physio Fitness clinic patients. Fully mobile and extremely user friendly - it's our pride and joy for rehab programs.

This program has been developed by Physio Fitness specifically for patients and the need for verbal as well as visual video instruction of exercises for maximal effectiveness, compliance and results in your rehab. It boasts over 350 detailed progression levelled mobility and rehab exercises, with over 200 demonstration videos, and 100+ detailed rehabilitation videos.
At Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction we have a walk-in Fracture clinic for the casting of simple non-displaced fractures of both arm and leg, walker 'moon' boots for ankle sprains and fractures as well as many types of braces and supports for all body areas.

Fractures are now casted easily and professionally using the latest HM (hybrid mesh) casting technology. Casts are applied and set within 15 minutes and they are water permeable.


Remedial Massage Therapy is the systematic and scientific manipulations of the soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. Sports massage therapy helps those with sporting injuries and stiffness from training, as well as enhancing training performance. It is used for injury prevention, pre and post sports events, preparation and recovery, flexibility and endurance and training workouts.

Remedial Massage Therapy can help you with muscle tightness and muscle imbalances, as it relieves muscle restrictions, tightness, stiffness and spasm which may limit full movement. It encourages better muscle activity through increased movement of nutrients and removal of waste products. We offer Remedial Massage, Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial techniques and Pre-natal massage.


A 1:1 Physiotherapist-led, 45-minute reformer session. All sessions being with an initial 45-minute screening, assessment and goal setting. This enables us to create individualized programming to suit your abilities and your health and fitness goals.

Reformer training focuses on developing greater core stability, glute and upper body strength through dynamic movement. For all fitness levels, beginners through to advanced.

1:1 mat-based exercise session led by a Physiotherapist. A 45 minute session which also requires an initial 45 minute pre-screen exercise assessment to assess movement quality and set goals with your physio. Mat classes utilize small Pilates equipment including small balls, weights, foam rollers, bands and sliders.

Sessions aim to improve activation of muscles, enhance movement patterns, and develop greater strength and endurance of muscles. These sessions largely focus on core, glutes and upper body. Suitable for all experience levels.