Dry Needling, Physio and Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction


Dry needling utilises acupuncture needles to penetrate a muscle into a trigger point with the goal of eliminating the trigger point to restore normal muscle length and tension. Dry needling can also be used to unload and de-tension a generally tight muscle group, such as tight calves or hamstring, through deregulation of the neural system to cause muscle relaxation.

How is it used in a Physio treatment?

Dry needling is the use of a fine filament needle to de-activate trigger points. It involves multiple advances of the needle into a trigger point which aims to reduce the patient’s symptoms, visualize a local twitch response and relieve muscle tension, spasm and pain. This technique is really helpful at restoring normal length and balance to a muscle.

Sometimes manual treatment with hands alone just isn’t enough to penetrate to below the depth of the surface and assist with relieving muscle tension and that is when dry needling can be very effective.

How does it actually work?

Dry needling is used to produce a reflex relaxation in the muscle tissue itself. The tip of the needle as it enters the muscle tissue encourages blood flow to the treated region and initiates a natural healing process which helps with pain relief and recovery from injury. The reflexes that are produced in the muscle creates electrical signals in the muscle which enhances communication between the brain, muscles and nerves that innervate the muscle. This helps to create better activation of this muscle as your brain can now positively recognise that it needs to send more blood flow to the muscle and improve both function and performance of the muscle tissue.

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