When booking a Physiotherapy appointment online at Physio Fitness, we have various consultation types for you to choose from, depending on what type of patient you are as well as the duration of the appointment.

What type of patient are you?

New Patient

I have never been to the clinic before and need to make a new appointment.

New Patient Appointments at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction

Return Patient

I have been to the clinic before but have a new injury, pain or post-operative.

Return Patient Appointments at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction

Exisiting Patient

I am currently recieving treatment and rehab and need a follow-up appointment.

Existing Patient Appointments at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction

Worker's Compensation / CTP

I injured myself at work or was in a Motor Vehicle Accident and are claming through an insurer.

Return Patient Appointments at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction

What Appointment duration time do you need?


Standard New Appointment for New Clients

This also suits:

Injuries or Pain to the Lumbar Spine, Shoulder and Knee

All New Post-operative Appointments

Return Patients with New Injuries in 2 or more body areas / Complex Conditions

New Telehealth Appointments


Follow-up Appointment for Existing Clients

This also suits:

Return Clients with New Injuries or Pain

New Clients with Injury or Pain to Cervical or Thoracic Spine, Ankle, Elbow, and muscle or tendon injuries

Follow-up Telehealth Appointments


Short Appointment for Existing clients

This also suits:

Treatment to 1 smaller body part

Rehab only sessions

Taping, Casting or Boot Fitting

Workers compensation or CTP cases

Our Cancellation Policy

At least 24 hours before your appointment we either send an SMS or email to confirm the appointment. Please make sure we have your latest contact details to assist us in this process. If less than 24 hours notice is given to move/cancel an appointment, or if you fail to attend an appointment, 100% of the consultation fee will be charged.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur where it may be difficult for you to attend your appointment, however we have a reminder system in place to help you avoid this. The way we see it is once our time is booked we are dedicated 100% to that client for the allotted time. If the client doesn’t show up or cancels we have no way of providing our services for anyone else who may need it as it is too late. Not showing up denies another client the chance to book that time.

Our Guarantee to You

We believe in getting the results for you that you need, and to your complete satisfaction. We are so confident in our abilities that should you be in any way unsatisfied with any treatment session provided by one of our Therapists, you will receive your session cost returned in full.