Sports massage therapy helps those with sporting injuries and stiffness from training, as well as enhancing training performance. It is used for injury prevention, pre and post sports events, preparation and recovery, flexibility and endurance and training workouts. A must for people serious about their training outcomes and maintenance of their muscle health, flexibility and performance.

Types of Massage Techniques

At Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction we offer Remedial Massage, Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial techniques and Pre-natal massage. Remedial Massage Therapy is the systematic and scientific manipulations of the soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. As both a healing art and a science it can benefit everybody.

Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy

Deep tissue sports massage helps to maintain your muscles in the best possible state of nutrition, flexibility and vitality, speeding up muscle recovery after activity or injury. The deep massage work, trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques can separate fascial fibres, and prevent the formation of adhesions.

It also helps in the reduction of inflammation and oedema in joints and soft tissue following injury. Pain relief, stress management and relaxation massage can relieve your sore and tired muscles, reduce your chronic stress and work tension, improve concentration and work performance. It will leave you feeling relaxed and energised.

Myofascial release is a very gentle yet very effective manual therapy using sustained pressure into restrictions in the fascial system to eliminate pain and restore motion and function to your body. The therapy is based on the principle that poor posture, physical injury, illness and emotional stress can shift your body out of alignment and cause the intricate web of fascia to become tight and constricted. Myofascial Release Therapy can benefit anyone who has chronic tension, poor posture, arthritis, tendonitis, TMJ problems and sciatica.

How can it help me?

Remedial Massage Therapy can help you with muscle tightness and muscle imbalances, as it relieves muscle restrictions, tightness, stiffness and spasm which may limit full movement. It encourages better muscle activity through increased movement of nutrients and removal of waste products. It can improve muscle tone and delays muscle atrophy resulting from inactivity. Tension headaches, back and neck pain can be relieved with Massage Therapy as it is an important part of helping reduce pain from muscle tightness. Our Massage Therapists work closely with the Physiotherapist in the diagnostic and treatment plan for you. In most cases you will be assessed by the Physiotherapist to make sure there is no other underlying problem that needs to be treated by the Physio.

Gift Vouchers

Massage Gift Vouchers Available at Physio Fitness

Massage Gift Vouchers are available from all our clinics and can be used at any of our locations.
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