At Physio Fitness - REHAB is our thing. Whether you are post-op from and ACL reconstruction or knee surgery, shoulder dislocations or rotator cuff repair, back injuries or disc surgery or have injured yourself and are still having chronic issues from an injury years ago, our Physiotherapists will help get you back on track with exercise-based rehabilitation.

Why is rehab after injury or surgery so important?

If you have an acute or chronic injury, trauma or you have had orthopaedic surgery you need to strengthen the muscles, joints and neuro-muscular movement patterns to recover effectively.

If tissues remain weak after injury or surgery, you are at risk of becoming weaker and in more pain, progressing to further chronic pain problems. Our rehab programs are designed so you return to full normal function, with no symptoms and as low a risk as possible for re-injury.

How does the rehab programming work?

A detailed rehab program is the most effective way to recovery from surgery or an injury. We will guide you through your rehabiltation program in the clinic so you are confident with the technique and form for each exericse.

You will also get the exercises online via our bespoke online program technology so you can continue your rehab at home or at the gym, using our training and education videos for each exercise.