K3 | One Leg Ball Squat

K3 | One Leg Ball Squat


One of the most effective single leg rehab exercises to improve knee strength and hip stability. This rehab exercise targets and strengthens primarily the gluteus medius and quadricep VMO muscles, as well as promoting correct hip and knee movement in a one leg squat. Its helps correct pelvis, hip and knee alignment and control in a functional weight-bearing position.


Start with feet hip-width apart and parallel. Don't lean into the ball and keep your feet facing forward (not pointing outwards). Place the ball on the outside of the knee so it is snug against the wall. Then stand on the outside leg and bend the inside knee and the keep your opposite hip higher. Again don't lean into the ball, aim to and push your knee into ball to keep yourself upright. Don't lean over at the waist either. To perform the squat, make sure you move your hips backwards and let your knee bend - aim to bend at the hip and knee together. Don't let you knee roll in or opposite hip drop down, aim to keep both knees even. Focus on knee and hip alignment. You need to really think about sitting backwards, not just pushing your knee forward. Repeat with the other side, do more on weaker side. 3 Set x 8-10 Reps.

Special Notes
ALTERNATIVE: Use medicine ball or other type of ball to push against, otherwise just push your knee to the wall.