L2 | Dead Bugs and Band Pull

L2 | Dead Bugs and Band Pull


This exercise is used to stabilize and strengthen the entire anterior core


Lying on your back with your feet flat and with a band looped around a pole, pull the band downwards with straight arms until your arms are vertical and hold. This will engage your superior anterior core. Posteriorly tilt your pelvis to flatten your back, and then lift both legs into the air to hip and knee 90/90 degrees. Doing this side lying to a mirror will help immensely with positioning. Without letting the back arch (KEEP IT FLAT TO GROUND) slowly extend the heels to tap lightly against the ground and then return to the 90/90 position. The further you tap the heels away from your body (the further you extend the legs) the harder the exercise. Find the appropriate distance that challenges maximally your ability to maintain the flat back. Repeat for instructed amount of reps or to fatigue/loss of control. Fatigue must be in anterior core.

Special Notes
Avoid flexing the hips more than 90 degrees at the start position - this is cheating and will kick in the hip flexors to compensate. You may be informed to release the arm pull in between each rep or just maintain the static contraction the whole set. The slower the better with this exercise!