K2 | Romanian Deadlift - KB

K2 | Romanian Deadlift - KB


Hamstring (Romanian) deadlifting is key to building overall back, glute and hamstring strength. It also helps to build core strength and is suitable for those not suffering with acute back pain. When done correctly, it helps to reinforce correct movement patterns and can help to build good posterior chain, back and core strength which provide a good foundation for doing other types of exercise and general ability to do domestic chores and lifting around the home. Start off with light as possible and then build progressively.


Feet should be in a wide stance and back should be kept straight, holding kettlebell with both hands. Keeping knees slightly bent, slowly push hips backwards whilst leaning torso forwards. In the upwards phase, reverse the movement, bringing torso back up and pushing hips forwards at the top. Keep arms straight so you are not lifting kettlebell using shoulders. Don't let your back arch or your round - you must keep the spine in neutral and hinge at the hips. See the level 1 hip hinge exercise if you are having trouble with this movement

Special Notes
People with disc injuries should avoid weighted lifting until they are pain free in the movement and have good core strength. Some people may never lift heavy again after a significant injury. The lifetime lifting weight limit for deadlifting after a disc injury is your body weight in kettle bells or loaded bar