L3 | Side Plank Clam

L3 | Side Plank Clam


This is the advanced version of the clam and combining the side plank, which works the lateral glut muscles harder, and incorporates some core stability work into it. Great for runners to work on core and pelvic stability with gluteal strength.


Lie on the ground on your side on your forearm. Keep your elbow directly under your shoulder. Start in the squat position and tilt the pelvis so your lumbar spine is in neutral both front and back and side to side (don't start in a side bent position). Stiffen and activate the core, then 'anti-shrug' your shoulders to switch on your lats and post the shoulder. Push through your forearm and knees/feet and drive forwards up into a plank position with your core straight. Hold, and start to perform the clam exercise by keeping the feet together, and opening up the top knee. Keep pelvis still when performing the clam.

Special Notes