H2 - Copenhagens - Short Lever

H2 - Copenhagens - Short Lever


This exercise is used to strengthen the adductor muscle group, and is a regression from the Copenhagen long level exercise.


Using a bench/chair etc set up similar to a side plank by weight bearing through your shoulder-forearm and then put your knee on top of the bench and push up into a side plank. Make sure you push through your knee down into the bench pushing you hips/pelvis as high toward the ceiling as possible - that extra cm of height is important! Also make sure your hips are thrust all the way forward so your body is in a perfect straight line from shoulder-hip-knee. Hold a static contraction making sure the adductors are doing the work (not compensating with other muscles groups). Your physio will inform you of the length of holds, rest periods, reps and sets.

Special Notes
This exercise can be progressed to involve moving up/down through hip abduction-adduction range. Your physio will let you know if this is required.


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