AS | Dorsiflexion (Banded AP Glide)

AS | Dorsiflexion (Banded AP Glide)


To help increase dorsiflexion ankle ROM using a powerband to assist the AP glide of the talus. Useful for stiff ankles after an ankle sprain or surgery where there is loss of dorsiflexion ROM and capsular impingement.


Have the powerband anchored well below the height of a box, bench ot table. places the band around the TALUS (not the tibia) and have the affected footup on the bench. Make sure there is a decent drag / stretch on the band to create the glide effect. Slowly push you knee forward keeping your ankle on the bend so you move the foot into dorsiflexion

Special Notes
Stop before any pinching pain at the front or back of the ankle. Try to repeat 3 sets x 20-30 reps