Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation Clinic

At Physio Fitness, our aim is to relieve you of pain quickly and effectively, restoring confidence and promoting a speedy recovery from injuries and surgery. Our Physiotherapists and Allied Health Practitioners are highly experienced and use the most effective clinical and evidence based treatments as well as the latest exercise rehabilitation program technology for home exercise prescription.

"If you are looking for a clinic with a friendly and knowledgeable, results driven team to help you with all your Physiotherapy and Rehab needs... you've come to the right place"

We're a Covid Safe Physio Clinic

We're a Covid Safe Physio Clinic

We have a COVID-19 safety plan and are committed to keeping you safe

We're a Covid Safe Physio Clinic


Sports physiotherapy is the management of acute and overuse sporting injuries and impairments (including post-op), with the primary goal of returning the individual back to their sport or physical activity as soon as possible with no chance of re-injury or pain recurrence.


At Physio Fitness - REHAB is our thing. Whether you are post-op from and ACL reconstruction or knee surgery, shoulder dislocations or rotator cuff repair, spinal injuries, have injured yourself in sport/exercise or are still having chronic issues from an injury years ago, we will help get back on track with exercise-based rehabilitation.


We offer private 1:1 Matwork and Reformer sessions tailor-made to suit your core strength and spinal stability needs and goals.

Our Physiotherapist-led group exercise classes have an emphasis on functional movement patterns, clinical pilates-based exercises and strength + conditioning in order to safely return our patients to fitness, training and normal activity.


Remedial Massage Therapy is the systematic and scientific manipulations of the soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. We offer Remedial Massage, Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial techniques and Pre-natal massage.


We have a walk-in Fracture clinic for the casting of simple non-displaced fractures both arm and leg, walker 'moon' boots for ankle sprains and fractures as well as many types of braces and supports for all body areas.


Conditions that can be relieved and treated with custom-made foot orthotics include shin splints, metatarsalgia, heel pain, ankle instability, achilles tendonitis, patello-femoral pain, post-operative knee and hip surgery, hip and buttock paid and lower back pain just to name a few. Many of the problems associated with foot mechanics can be easily fixed with custom-made orthotic insoles.


Nutritional Medicine takes an integrative science based, holistic approach on how nutrition impacts on an individuals health. A Nutritionist endeavours to understand and treat the cause of health conditions and looks at the relationship between diet/food and disease. They help individuals in changing their eating habits and reaching their goal using food, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.


Whether you are suffering from lower back or neck pain, sports injuries, post-operative surgery, knee and shoulder problems, neck pain and headaches, ankle sprains, postural or work-related stress, we cover it all.