Clinical Pilates-based 1:1 Mat, Reformer and Group Physio Exercise Classes in Bondi Junction



Get 5 x 1:1 Reformer sessions for $550

When you purchase a 5 pack of 1:1 clinical pilates-based reformer classes as part of your first visit you will receive $30 off per session. That's a saving of $150! (Normally $140 per class)

Simply enquire at reception or call (02) 9389 9100. Offer applies to new 1:1 reformer clients only.

1:1 Reformer

We offer private, 1:1 reformer sessions with our Physiotherapists who are trained in clinical Pilates both on the mat and the reformer. All sessions are 45 minutes in length. On the initial assessment a pre-screen will be completed to assess your history of injuries and your movement patterns to enable us to create an individualised approach to your program.

The reformer is a piece of equipment used to strengthen and tone our muscles with variations in resistance. Specifically helping to build greater strength of deep core muscles, glutes and postural stability muscles. Our Physiotherapists take pride in implementing comprehensive, targeted sessions for each individual’s experience, skill level and goals.

1:1 Reformer Sessions at Bondi Junction

Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Focus Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Focus
Strength, Mobility and Endurance Strength, Mobility and Endurance
1:1 Personalised Session 1:1 Personalised Session
45min Duration 45min Duration
No pre-requisite needed No pre-requisite needed


Lower Body

Upper Body

1:1 Mat Sessions

We also offer a mat approach to Clinical pilates-based exercise. These sessions are led by our Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapists and are 45 minutes in length. Pre-screening and goal setting will be outlined within the first session with your Physiotherapist to allow us to provide a targeted approach.

These sessions utilise smaller pieces of equipment including small balls, magic circles, swiss balls, foam rollers and more to create a varied and challenging workout. 1:1 Mat sessions aim to improve activation of key muscle groups, learn and enhance better movement patterns and develop greater strength and endurance of the core, glutes and upper body.

1:1 Reformer Sessions at Bondi Junction

Clinical Pilates-based Exercises Clinical Pilates-based Exercises
Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Activation / Endurance Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Activation / Endurance
Spinal Stability, Control and Posture Spinal Stability, Control and Posture
Mat Work / Small Exercise Equipment Mat Work / Small Exercise Equipment

Physio-led Small Group Exercise Mat Class

This is our Physio-led mat class. It utilises clinical pilates-based exercises to improve and challenge your core strength, stability and control, spinal posture and deep pelvic floor endurance. It is individually tailored for different abilities in the same class.

Our clinical pilates-based group mat exercise classes are designed to suit all different abilities, injuries and levels of strength. All our Classes are booked in a package of 8 sessions. Physiotherapist-led classes are claimable on health insurance under your ‘Physiotherapy’ allowance. Check with your health funds directly for further information.