Emma Martin - Senior Physiotherapist at Physio Fitness in Bondi Junction

Emma Martin

M.Sc (Phty) B.Sc, APAM

Senior Physiotherapist


Emma is a Physiotherapist from the United Kingdom with over nine years of clinical experience. She is also an Australian registered Physiotherapist and is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. Emma specialises in corrective exercise rehabilitation programmes and strengthening for lower back pain, shoulder injuries, knee pain, ankle injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Emma is passionate about empowering clients to get back to doing what is important to them and achieving their goals. She understands the importance of retraining inefficient movement patterns and building strength to develop resilience and prevent future injuries. She enjoys taking clients all the way from the acute painful phase of their injury to performance training, to get them fully back to the activities and sports that they love doing.

Outside the clinic you can find Emma keeping active by going to Reformer Pilates classes, Barre and Boxing classes, running in Bondi or walking along the coastline.


Emma graduated from Kings College London with a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2011. Emma started her career in the National Health Service in Southeast England, working there for 5 years before moving into a private musculoskeletal and sports Physiotherapy practice in London, where she has been working for the past 3 years as both a Physiotherapist and Clinical Reformer Pilates instructor.

Emma went on to complete her certificate in Matwork Pilates and Reformer Pilates, which she then used to teach small group Reformer Pilates classes and one-on-one sessions for her clients at the clinic. Emma has recently moved over to Sydney from London and has now started working as a Senior Physiotherapist at Physio Fitness.


 Sports related injuries
 Clinical Pilates Exercises and Rehab
 Core stability and strengthening
 Shoulder pain, injuries, and shoulder surgery rehabilitation
 Thoracic spine pain
 Lower back pain and lumbar disc injuries
 Corrective exercise rehabilitation programmes
 Postural correction exercises
 Knee injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation
 Movement analysis and retraining movement faults