Strength and Conditioning is advanced exercise programming for the purpose of maximising your potential and helping you meet your individual sporting, activity and lifestyle goals. An effective strength and conditioning program will aim to have you improving your performance to the highest possible level whilst also preventing injury and maintenance of previous issues.


Strength refers to the resistance training used to develop muscle function, power, strength and endurance.
Conditioning refers to the cardiovascular training used to develop the energy systems.

  Determination of your individual goals (sports or lifestyle)
  A comprehensive assessment and testing to see what we need to improve/work on
  Individualised and detailed strength and conditioning program created for you
  1 on 1 teaching and instruction of all the exercises (where possible)
  The program will be provided to you via email
  Injury prevention and issue maintenance program included
  Reviews for re-testing and progressions throughout the plan as needed



The key is to figure out what you want to achieve in your sport/exercise/activity/lifestyle, and how exercise can help you achieve high performance as effectively as possible. A detailed strength and conditioning program is the most effective way to get this done. Think of it as advanced personal training or exercise physiology. We will get you strong and powerful in the movements and muscles necessary and relevant to high performance and injury prevention in your activity. We will get your energy systems and cardiovascular systems fit and healthy. Programs can be tailored to at the gym, in the home, in-season, off-season, pre-season, on holiday with no equipment, preparing for a big specific event, or coming back from injury. Joe has worked with Olympic gold medallists and world champions with the Chinese Olympic Team, as well as professional footballers and other elite athletes from numerous sports in Australia and the UK, so is perfectly suited to help you achieve physical high performance and your individual goals.