Following an injury or after surgery, muscles tend to weaken and tighten, and in some cases 'deactivate'. During and following Physiotherapy treatment, the Physiotherapist will construct a injury rehabilitation plan for you that is tailored directly to improve your strength and function, as well as treating the root cause of the injury. They will design exercise programs specific to assessment findings and treatment, enabling restoration of function, muscle reactivation, strengthening of weakened muscles as well as correction of muscle imbalances. Our Therapists focus heavily on biomechanical analysis, specific muscle activation, balance and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, postural correction, and core stability training to assist in the restoration of the physical function, faulty muscle recruitment and movement patterns and performance of the body. They also work on sport specific drills and advanced exercises and strength conditioning for the athlete. Injury and post-operative rehabilitation programs also allow a transition between acute injury and surgery and the return to normal exercise and onward to self-management, giving you a comprehensive treatment service. Rehabilitation sessions may either be weekly face-to-face sessions, and/or via a program design where the client is provided with program updates every 4-6 weeks, and subsequently visits the gym for exercise instruction and technique correction. Injury Rehabilitation is carried out concurrently with Physiotherapy sessions usually 45min to 60mins, as well as part of your Physiotherapy session and outside of your Physio sessions.