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Francis Broomfield

Francis Broomfield

M.Phty, B.HSc, B.Sc, APAM

Senior Physiotherapist

Clinic: Baulkham Hills

Francis is a registered NSW Physiotherapist and APA member. Francis focuses on tailoring exercise programs for each individual’s unique circumstances and possesses skills such as sports taping, post-operative rehab, spinal mobilisations and core strengthening programs. Francis is also qualified in the application of plaster casts for patients suffering from forearm, wrist, ankle and leg breaks or fractures. Having spent much of his youth involved in swimming, football, running, athletics and cycling, Francis understands the stress, strains and common areas of injury that can arise from everyday life.


 Individual and group exercise programs
 Lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine injuries
 Acute and chronic knee and ankle injuries
 Sports taping
 Core strengthening
 Plaster casting
 Post- operative hip, knee and ankle rehabilitation
 Post-operative cardiopulmonary surgery rehabilitation